Advocacy Tools

Advocacy is easy, it doesn’t need to take much time and it makes a BIG difference. 

Read our Quick Guide to Education Advocacy to learn more.

Anyone can advocate for great public schools (and everyone should!). Lawmakers make decisions and pass laws every day. Special interests contact lawmakers regularly and have an enormous impact on how legislators vote. When our public education system fails to provide children with a quality education, children cannot hire lobbyists to go to Harrisburg to persuade legislators to fix their broken system: this is our job as parents and community members.

Here you will find information and user guides on how to advocate for public education.  These materials may be used for distribution, but must be referenced to Education Voters of Pennsylvania.

Education Advocacy Tool Kit – Download the complete advocacy tool kit.

Below are individual handouts that can be found in the tool kit:
Advocacy Tips
How to Visit your Legislator
How to Call your Legislator
How to Write a Letter to the Editor

Pick up the phone or write an email today! Every contact you make with your state legislator makes a difference!