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  • A budget impasse, the public weighs in, PSSA results, and a really important election this year - A budget impasse, the public weighs in, PSSA results, and a really important election this year The budget is still not done, so schools are still not funded – the impasse continues; the Auditor General weighs in and the public has some opinions about it too. New PSSA test results are in – but what […]
  • A New Era in Philadelphia - Congratulations to our new Mayor-elect, Jim Kenney, who ran on a great platform of supporting public, community schools, PreK and supporting principals and teachers! We congratulate all the new members of City Council, including our endorsed candidates Helen Gym, Derek Green and Blondell Reynolds-Brown! “Education voters” turned out in force, helping to make sure education was a […]
  • Basic Education Funding Releases Commission Report - Basic Education Funding Commission releases report The fundamental key to school funding is student learning: enough resources and fairness, which means providing every child a chance to learn and meet state standards. The key to fixing school funding is having a rational way to drive out funding and fixing what is inequitable now. We are […]
  • End Harrisburg’s School Funding Hunger Games - Over the past five years, Harrisburg has mastered the art of pitting school districts, parents, and students against each other in order to draw attention away from the damage their policies and the lack of adequate state education funding have inflicted on children, schools, and communities throughout the Commonwealth. In the 2015-2016 budget, lawmakers tossed […]
  • Enough is Enough. The Courts Must Intervene. - What is happening with the school funding lawsuit? On November 10, 2014, six school districts, the Pennsylvania Association of Rural and Small Schools, the NAACP – PA State Conference, and families whose children attend under-funded and under-resourced schools filed a case in the Commonwealth Court asking the court to: Declare that the current system of […]
  • Going to Court for Fair Funding - Pennsylvania’s system for funding public education is neither adequate, nor equitable; thorough, nor efficient. Learn more about the litigation, getting your community involved and joining a monthly conference call with more information.
  • Going to Court: PA’s system is neither adequate, nor equitable; thorough, nor efficient - Monday, November 10, 2014 Going to Court. Pennsylvania’s system is neither adequate, nor equitable; thorough, nor efficient.  Today, Public Interest Law Center of Philadelphia (PILCOP) and Education Law Center- PA filed a lawsuit on behalf of individuals, school districts and organizations, making the complaint that the funding system in Pennsylvania is not only wrong, it […]
  • How can we get a fair budget for children? - Budgets are about priorities and we are very encouraged that making progress on fixing Pennsylvania’s inequitable and inadequate state funding system remains a top priority for Governor Wolf, in spite of the stiff resistance he has met from many lawmakers in Harrisburg. Governor Wolf remains firm in his commitment to a 2015-2016 compromise budget that […]
  • Important meeting in Chester-Upland TONIGHT about local school funding - Important meeting in Chester-Upland TONIGHT about local school funding. There is an important community meeting about local school funding tonight, at 6 pm at Chester High School.  Can you attend to support Governor Wolf’s proposal for a fair short term solution to a long term problem? The issue at stake is how to divide the money […]
  • Join the Call to Action–it’s time to end the gridlock and fund our schools! - Tuesday, March 8, the House and Senate Appropriations Committees held hearings on the education funding request for the 2016-2017 state budget–without having a full education budget for 2015-2016 in place! We are working with our allies from the Campaign for Fair Education Funding to have a statewide Call to Action Day to send a message to state lawmakers that the […]
  • Let’s be optimistic and see what happens! - Let’s be optimistic and see what happens! Budget vote set for Wednesday It is no secret that Pennsylvania’s budget has been a mess for a while now. We have a $2.2B deficit.  We have experienced credit downgrades over past 5 years, costing taxpayers tens of millions every year to pay for the higher cost of […]
  • Now What? - Governor Wolf line-item vetoed the budget that state lawmakers sent him before leaving for their holiday break, authorizing emergency funding to go out to school districts, human service agencies and counties, which had been held up by the House leaders failing to compromise on a total budget deal. This action functions as a placeholder, a […]
  • Our response to Senator Eichelberger’s recent town hall comments - We were deeply disappointed to read recent comments that newly-appointed Senate Education Committee Chair, Senator John Eichelberger, made at a town hall meeting in central Pennsylvania. The Carlisle Sentinel reported that Sen. Eichelberger had this to say about funding for public education:  He then moved into a critique of Pennsylvania’s “inner city” education programs, positing […]
  • Our Year in Review - As we look toward 2016, it is important to reflect on what we have all achieved together in 2015 as we have worked hard to keep the public conversation about education focused on making sure equal public education opportunities exist for all students in the Commonwealth. We are making progress and our work is critical: […]
  • Put Heat on Your Lawmakers to Pass a Budget that Funds Our Schools - Put Heat on Your Lawmakers to Pass a Budget that Funds Our Schools Budget talks are stalled in Harrisburg. Last week, Governor Wolf kept his promise to fight for fair funding for PA’s public schools and vetoed the Republican budget that would have continued to underfund PA’s schools. We need lawmakers to work on a […]