Early Childhood Education

In Pennsylvania only 1 in 6 children have access to high-quality, publicly-funded pre-kindergarten programs.

Education Voters of Pennsylvania proudly supports Pre-K for PA because we believe that Pennsylvania MUST increase its investment in early childhood education.


Early education is critical in children’s education, enabling them to be better prepared academically and helping to close the achievement gap.  Pre-K and Full day Kindergarten programs also enable parents to work and help reduce employee absenteeism. Quality early childhood programs have the largest effects on high-risk, traditionally underserved children during the most important cognitive and social developmental period of their lives.

In addition, quality early childhood education is a very wise investment. These investments in the education of young children are helping Pennsylvania close the achievement gap and produce the qualified workers the state and the nation need for a prosperous future. Read the White House publication The Economics of Early Childhood Investments to learn more.

Unfortunately, in Pennsylvania, a report completed by Pennsylvania Partnerships for Children found that nearly 250,000 3 and 4 year olds cannot attend pre-K programs because their families cannot find or afford a program.