Education Funding

Money and resources matter. They provide students with the teachers, counselors, materials, facilities, arts, sciences, reading opportunities that they need to learn in school. PA has the most inequitable school funding system in the nation and this system disproportionately impacts the most vulnerable children in the Commonwealth. Learn more about our work to fund schools sufficiently and fairly.

School & Student Performance Assessment

How should we assess teaching and how should we evaluate schools? What do standardized tests really tell us? Do they improve education? What role do they play In PA? Learn more about how we can advocate to reduce the role of high stakes testing and ensure that learning time is quality.

School Funding Lawsuit

The PA Constitution requires our state legislature to provide for a “thorough and efficient” system of education. A lawsuit filed by parents, school districts and statewide organizations arguing that PA is not meeting its Constitutional responsibility is headed to the Supreme Court. Education Voters filed an amicus statement and is advocating for both the legislature and the courts to act. Learn more and find resources here including sample resolutions and letters to the editor.


When it comes to schools, “accountability” is a loaded term. Sure – we all want “accountability” but what does that mean? The so-called reformers like to throw the term around, but has it helped? Who should be accountable for what? Just teachers? Kids? Legislators? Are we just punishing schools for having inadequate resources? What is right role for accountability what are the right measures?

Charter Schools

Charter schools are part of the educational landscape in Pennsylvania. However, questions remain about the right role for charter schools and the way that they are funded. Learn about our current state policy for charter schools and what kinds of improvements can be made to this policy.

Special Education

Learn more about how the state allocates resources for special education.

Local Issues

Education Voters works with community based organizations on key issues. Learn what’s happening and how we are engaged with partners.

Policy Briefs

Click here for individual policy briefs and resources on other issues, including facts sheets on Education and the Economy, Education and Crime, Debunking the Myths about School Vouchers and more.

Early Childhood Education

In Pennsylvania only 1 in 6 children have access to high-quality, publicly-funded pre-kindergarten programs. Learn more about why PA MUST increase its investment in early childhood education.