Charter School Reform

The current PA charter school law mandates that school districts send charter schools more than $100 million in excess special education payments each year.

Charter schools are NOT required to spend the special education funding they receive from school districts on services for children with disabilities; instead charter schools may spend money intended to serve children with disabilities on other things.

Learn how charter school funding works here: #FixSpecialEdFunding Infographic

The #FixSpecialEdFunding campaign was developed by a team of coalition members.

Sign a petition calling on state lawmakers to fix the broken charter school law and apply the fair, student-based special education funding formula to charter schools.

When state lawmakers reform PA's charter school law, they must get it right.  Click here for our Fixing PA's Charter School Policy in Brief to see what effective charter school reform looks like.

Click here to find a searchable database showing charter and cyber charter school tuition payments by school district.

While cyber education is appropriate for some students, PA’s cyber schools are among the lowest performing schools in the Commonwealth and have not improved PA’s education system in spite of receiving more than $1 billion in taxpayer funds. Learn why we need to hold them accountable.