We Can Do This

As we brace for what promises to be an all-out assault on our children’s public schools from politicians in both Washington, DC and Harrisburg, we must remember that our grassroots people power has successfully defended our children and their public schools before, and we will defend them again.

In this new climate, however, we will need to take our efforts up a notch.  We will need to continue building our movement and our power to support public education in PA.

Will you invite your friends to join thousands of parents and community members defending PA’s public school students? (Don’t use Facebook? Click HERE.)

Poll after poll demonstrates what we know – Pennsylvanians support public education and we understand the value of the local public schools in our communities.

On the ground we are seeing this in action. Parent and community engagement in public education advocacy is blossoming throughout the commonwealth. In recent weeks Education Voters has met with hundreds of people in Lancaster, Chester, Montgomery, Franklin and Cumberland Counties. People have come together to stand up for public education and to support their local schools and students. We will soon be meeting with groups in Indiana, Westmoreland, Adams and Lackawanna Counties.

In order to grow our movement and our power, please invite your friends and neighbors who care about public education to sign up to be part of Education Voters of PA.

At Education Voters of PA we will be tracking legislation, creating opportunities for action to support strong public schools for  ALL of PA’s public school students, and sending out alerts when bad things are moving in Harrisburg and DC so that you can hold your lawmakers accountable for their votes.

We will fight against every effort to undermine our public schools, and we will win again. Our children are depending on us and we won’t let them down.