Taxpayer watchdogs or special interest lapdogs?

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More than two months after passing a spending plan for the 2017-2018 budget, state lawmakers still have not approved a revenue package to fund the budget.  In less than a week, the budget standoff in Harrisburg will turn into a budget crisis for Pennsylvanians. On September 15, the General Fund will be running a deficit. […]

Extremists ready to throw PA off fiscal cliff

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More than three weeks into a state budget impasse, PA House Speaker Mike Turzai and his extremist followers have surfaced as the holdouts who are preventing the legislature from passing a responsible revenue package to fund the 2017-2018 state budget. This week Turzai abruptly walked away from budget discussions where other leaders had built broad […]

A stunning priority in the PA House budget

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Advancing the Betsy DeVos school privatization agenda has emerged as a top budget priority for PA House members, even though this will provide very little or no benefit to the communities many rural lawmakers represent. On a near party-line vote of 114-84, the PA House approved a budget proposal that retains the very modest $100 million increase in Basic […]

A budget that puts students last

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President Trump’s recently proposed budget slashes $9 billion, or 14%, from the Department of Education, while increasing funding for “school choice,” by $1.4 billion.  It comes as no surprise that Trump’s proposed cuts fall hardest on programs that benefit low-income students. Nothing in this budget is set in stone. In in order for a federal […]