Taxpayer watchdogs or special interest lapdogs?

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More than two months after passing a spending plan for the 2017-2018 budget, state lawmakers still have not approved a revenue package to fund the budget.  In less than a week, the budget standoff in Harrisburg will turn into a budget crisis for Pennsylvanians. On September 15, the General Fund will be running a deficit. […]

PA Senate Budget: EITC increase out, severance tax in

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Speaker Mike Turzai called the PA House to Harrisburg on Saturday, July 23 in the hopes of securing enough votes in his party to pass a revenue package to fund the 2017-2018 budget without new recurring revenues. He failed. After members of his own party rejected Turzai’s reckless plan, he sent the House home and […]

Extremists ready to throw PA off fiscal cliff

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More than three weeks into a state budget impasse, PA House Speaker Mike Turzai and his extremist followers have surfaced as the holdouts who are preventing the legislature from passing a responsible revenue package to fund the 2017-2018 state budget. This week Turzai abruptly walked away from budget discussions where other leaders had built broad […]

The next 26 days

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Decisions PA legislators make in the upcoming weeks will have a lasting impact on PA’s public school students. From now until June 30th, when the state budget is due, lawmakers will be passing legislation and cutting deals as they determine how much state funding our children’s school districts will receive. We need to be ready to make […]

A stunning priority in the PA House budget

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Advancing the Betsy DeVos school privatization agenda has emerged as a top budget priority for PA House members, even though this will provide very little or no benefit to the communities many rural lawmakers represent. On a near party-line vote of 114-84, the PA House approved a budget proposal that retains the very modest $100 million increase in Basic […]