$100M in Waste and Inefficiency & Segregation by Disability: It’s Time to #FixSpecialEdFunding

As Pennsylvanians rally to stop Betsy DeVos from becoming Secretary of Education (and Senator Pat Toomey tries his hardest to ignore us), we are working with a coalition of parents, disability rights advocates, faith leaders, and advocacy groups to build public pressure on our state lawmakers to fix an egregious flaw in PA charter law that mandates more than $100 million[…]

We have a budget for 2016-2017. What does it mean for schools?

The 2016-2017 PA budget is now complete. Yesterday a bipartisan group of lawmakers from the PA House and Senate approved a revenue package and Governor Wolf signed it into law. This budget provides an increase of $200 million for K-12 Basic Education Funding, $20 million for special education, and $30 million for early childhood education programs. Although this budget[…]

Important meeting in Chester-Upland TONIGHT about local school funding

Important meeting in Chester-Upland TONIGHT about local school funding. There is an important community meeting about local school funding tonight, at 6 pm at Chester High School.  Can you attend to support Governor Wolf’s proposal for a fair short term solution to a long term problem? The issue at stake is how to divide the money[…]

Changing PA’s Charter Law: What Is At Stake In SB 1085?

After 17 years, the PA legislature is considering making major changes to Pennsylvania’s charter school law.  Improvements to the law are long overdue, but unfortunately, the legislation in the Senate (SB 1085) will not improve PA’s charter school law. Instead, it would take local control away from communities and create massive new costs and new[…]

Pennsylvania’s Charter School Law MUST Be Reformed

For a downloadable pdf of this brief, please click here: fixing_pa_charter_law_brief_dec_2014.pdf For a summary on what was wrong with last year’s proposal (and what to watch for in the future) click here:sb_1085_1_pager_final_afterward.pdf Funding Pennsylvania must change the current system for funding charter schools that takes resources from one group of children and gives them to another[…]

Further analysis of proposal to convert 100% of York City Schools to charter schools needed

The York City School Board is considering a proposal to convert 100% of York City schools to charter schools. This is an extremely large scale and risky proposal that leaves the York City School District children and taxpayers at risk and the process is taking place in an alarmingly short timeframe. The school board received[…]

Ed Voter’s Common Enrollment Brief

Philadelphia should adopt a citywide common enrollment system for high school. For  PDF version click: Common Enrollment Brief For more details click: An Effective Common Enrollment System Philadelphia is in transition again. District leaders have said that they want to create more high quality seats, create more choices for families, and give schools more autonomy in how[…]

Testimony Before the Auditor General on Charter School Accountability

Thursday, February 27, 2014 Testimony before the Auditor General on Charter School Accountability On Feb. 27th 2014, Susan Gobreski testified in front of the Auditor General on Charter School Accountability. Here is her testimony:   My name is Susan Gobreski, I am the Executive Director of Education Voters of Pennsylvania, a non-profit organization working to[…]