Joint Resolution 1–PA’s school funding system that is inadequate & inequitable today will be just as inadequate & inequitable if this passes.

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On November 7, 2017, Pennsylvania voters will find a proposed amendment to the PA Constitution, Joint Resolution 1, on their ballots. This amendment ignores the real problem PA faces–inadequate state funding for schools, which puts excessive pressure on property taxes in many communities. Joint Resolution 1 does not put one more dollar in the school […]

Guns Don’t Belong in Schools

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Susan Spicka, Executive Director of Education Voters of PA, made the following comments at a press conference in the Harrisburg Capitol on September 12, 2017, where she joined PA Secretary of Education, Pedro Rivera, and representatives from the Education Law Center, Cease Fire PA, and Moms Demand Action to call on state lawmakers to oppose […]

PA Senate approves guns in classrooms, HB 97 on tap

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By a vote of 28 to 22, the PA Senate approved SB 383, a bill that allows teachers and other school employees to carry concealed, loaded firearms in public schools. Click HERE to see how your senator voted.  Each school board will decide if it will allow teachers and employees to carry weapons in its […]

Trumpcare savages funding for students with disabilities

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Yesterday 217 Republicans in the US House of Representatives voted to repeal the Affordable Care Act and the protections it offers to millions of Americans. In order to pay for tax cuts for households earning over $250,000/year, these Congressmen (including 9 from Pennsylvania) voted to eliminate $880 billion in federal funding for Medicaid over the next 10 […]

A budget that puts students last

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President Trump’s recently proposed budget slashes $9 billion, or 14%, from the Department of Education, while increasing funding for “school choice,” by $1.4 billion.  It comes as no surprise that Trump’s proposed cuts fall hardest on programs that benefit low-income students. Nothing in this budget is set in stone. In in order for a federal […]

What’s Next?

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The recent national election portends a significant shift in the direction of federal education policy in the United States and raises serious concerns for those of us who care about equity and an opportunity to learn for all students. Our work has never been more important. Donald Trump’s education transition leader has indicated that Trump’s […]