A budget that puts students last

President Trump’s recently proposed budget slashes $9 billion, or 14%, from the Department of Education, while increasing funding for “school choice,” by $1.4 billion.  It comes as no surprise that Trump’s proposed cuts fall hardest on programs that benefit low-income students. Nothing in this budget is set in stone. In in order for a federal[…]

Did your state rep’s vote make Betsy DeVos proud?

Budgets are about priorities and yesterday 147 members of the PA House made it clear that funding scholarships for students to attend unaccountable private/religious schools is one of their top budget priorities this year. They made school privatizer Betsy DeVos proud. See how your state representative voted on HB 250.  The PA House voted overwhelmingly[…]

Our response to Senator Eichelberger’s recent town hall comments

We were deeply disappointed to read recent comments that newly-appointed Senate Education Committee Chair, Senator John Eichelberger, made at a town hall meeting in central Pennsylvania. The Carlisle Sentinel reported that Sen. Eichelberger had this to say about funding for public education:  He then moved into a critique of Pennsylvania’s “inner city” education programs, positing[…]

$100M in Waste and Inefficiency & Segregation by Disability: It’s Time to #FixSpecialEdFunding

As Pennsylvanians rally to stop Betsy DeVos from becoming Secretary of Education (and Senator Pat Toomey tries his hardest to ignore us), we are working with a coalition of parents, disability rights advocates, faith leaders, and advocacy groups to build public pressure on our state lawmakers to fix an egregious flaw in PA charter law that mandates more than $100 million[…]

We Can Do This

As we brace for what promises to be an all-out assault on our children’s public schools from politicians in both Washington, DC and Harrisburg, we must remember that our grassroots people power has successfully defended our children and their public schools before, and we will defend them again. In this new climate, however, we will need[…]

Trump’s appalling pick for Secretary of Education

Donald Trump’s pick of billionaire Betsy DeVos to run the US Department of Education signals that the Trump administration will be focused on privatizing public education instead of on strengthening our public schools or expanding opportunities for all students. Donald Trump made a campaign promise to funnel $20 billion in existing federal funding out of[…]

Governing the School District of Philadelphia

There is a conversation happening in the City around the issue of local control of the School District of Philadelphia, and moving away from a state run district. It is virtually inarguable that the state controlled School Reform Commission has not solved the issues of the District. Indeed, one could argue that the premise that[…]

Now We Wait

Yesterday, the PA Supreme Court heard oral arguments for the school funding lawsuit. The courtroom was packed with parents, advocates, faith leaders, school and elected officials, and community members from throughout the Commonwealth. Supporters who believe Pennsylvania’s children should have their day in court filled the overflow room and poured out into the hallway. Attorneys for[…]

Our statement on the oral argument before the PA Supreme Court for the school funding lawsuit

Following oral argument of the school funding lawsuit before the PA Supreme Court, Susan Spicka, Executive Director of Education Voters of PA, made the following statement at a press conference at Philadelphia City Hall: My name is Susan Spicka and I am the Executive Director of Education Voters of Pennsylvania and a parent of two[…]

What you need to know about oral argument before the PA Supreme Court for the school funding lawsuit and how you can be part of it

On Tuesday, September 13, the PA Supreme Court will hear oral argument in the landmark school funding lawsuit in its Philadelphia courtroom and we invite you to be part of this important event. The lawsuit argues that PA’s school funding system is so inadequate and inequitable that it violates provisions in the state constitution that require a “thorough and efficient system of public[…]