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The Gov’s Budget Plan: What does it all mean?

The Gov's Budget Plan: What does it all mean?

  • The truth is that governor's education budget proposal is a mixed bag. Here's a quick summary of our analysis:
  • Changing PA’s charter law: What is at stake in SB 1085?

    Changing PA’s charter law: What is at stake in SB 1085? After 17 years, the PA legislature is considering making major changes to Pennsylvania’s charter school law. Improvements to the law are long overdue, but unfortunately, the legislation in the Senate (SB 1085) will not improve PA’s charter school law.

    Response to Governor Corbett’s Budget Address

    Over the past two years, Gov. Corbett has led the effort to cut nearly $2 billion in investments in the education of our children, causing program cuts, increases in class sizes and reductions in services like tutoring, library access and more.

    What will Gov. Corbett propose for schools in 2013?

    Tomorrow, the debate over the priorities of our state budget will begin in earnest with the release of Governor Corbetts budget proposal. Public education is going to be a very hot topic this year. 


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