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Education Voters Pennsylvania is dedicated to supporting policies that strengthen and support great public schools in every community to ensure opportunities for all children, informing the public about the needs and importance of public education, and ensuring our elected leaders adopt and implement a pro-public education agenda.

A budget impasse, the public weighs in, PSSA results, and a really important election this year

The budget is still not done, so schools are still not funded – the impasse continues; the Auditor General weighs in and the public has some opinions about it too. New PSSA test results are in – but what do the results tell us? And – believe it or not there is a REALLY IMPORTANT election this year!

Frequently Asked Questions about the new 2014-2015 PSSA results

Over the summer of 2015, the PSSA results from the 2014-15 school year were released with scores that are significantly different than the previous year. Read about the changes. PSSA_FAQs.pdf

Join our Call to Action on Wednesday, July 29th!

While the rest of the world moves forward, Harrisburg is stalled. At this point - the people of Pennsylvania must push to get things moving. We invite you to be part of an "all hands on deck" moment on Wednesday, July 29th as we join together with dozens of organizations throughout the Commonwealth to call our legislators to urge them to adopt a budget that supports strong public schools. Please take 5-10 minutes on Wednesday, July 29th to make 2 phone calls. We need the General Assembly to hear from voters and to go back to Harrisburg.

Not another Bad Budget!!

Right now, in Harrisburg, the General Assembly is proposing another Bad Budget. What is a Bad Budget? It is one that doesn’t restore funding for education and start to get us on a course to make substantial investments in public education. It is one that says “we can’t afford it” because the legislature won’t take steps to find appropriate revenues (shale tax, close corporate loopholes – hello!). Take action HERE.


Know the Issues

In Pennsylvania, it is time to start tackling issues related to how we provide a thorough and efficient public education system, as required by our Constitution and an excellent education for every child, as required by a powerful need to meet the future head on.

Vote Education

We are making public education policy a top priority as taxpayers and voters.

Support the Cause

Education Voters envisions a nation in which every child has equitable opportunity for high quality education, and in which Americans in all communities demand that elected officials support that vision.